This is an online school to support students in personal development. You will learn, grow and be more equipped to go after your next.

By taking this course you will go through 4 stages of how to define your uniqueness. This is essential as defining your uniqueness is connected to your purpose. Once you know who you are and what makes you unique, you know how to establish your worth. You won't settle for anything!

Lisa Toban - Personal Development Coach

Hi, I’m Lisa Toban!

A Personal Development Coach!

Lisa Toban is a Personal Development Coach who believes that the “person matters.” From an early age, she was known to be helpful and hospitable. In 2011, Lisa received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of California, Riverside. In 2014, she also received her Master of Social Work degree with a specialization in Leadership and Development in Social Services with a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy from Loyola University Chicago. Lisa was created to help and studied how to work with people. She believes it is vital to take care of the whole person. One cannot effectively lead or make a greater impact when parts of one’s life is unfulfilled or dissatisfied.

Lisa Toban is committed to helping her students go after their next. She implements the MEEI Model, which is to motivate, empower, encourage inspire others by coaching to improving various areas in their lives. Connect with Lisa by either visiting her website at or on social media @itslisatoban (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube).

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Establish your Worth E-Course

Personal Development Course

This course will help you identify your uniqueness, own it and live in your truth. Each module includes a reflective exercise to retain the information provided. With unlimited access you can complete this course at anytime.